An Example of Robotics & AI Tech Development

RoboCup has brought together scientists from all over the world recognized in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. This program endeavors to provide RCAP Ambassadors who are interested in R&D, opportunities to work on a variety of interesting projects.

RCAP Robotics & AI Tech Development e-Internship

For Reference Only




Minimum of 6 months


1. Applicants should have participated in at least 3 RCAP events.
2. Applicants should have a demonstrated interest in R&D.
3. Applicants should be working towards GOLD Level.


Not Applicable

Successful Applicants will be attached to a Major team from one of the following leagues:

1. RoboCup Soccer

2. RoboCup Rescue

3. RoboCup@Home

4. RoboCup Industrial

5. RCAP CoSpace

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