An Example of Publicity & Communications

RCAP Ambassador will have an opportunity to display and hone their talents in videos, posters & website design as well as important communications skills by playing an active role in creating public awareness of the RoboCup community through various Social Media Channels.

RCAP Publicity & Communication e-Internship

For Reference Only


Guided e-Internship


Minimum of 8 weeks


1. Applicants should have participated as least 1 RCAP event. 
2. Applicants should have good knowledge in 2D art design and be familiar with photoshop/illustrator. 
3. Applicants should be able to use video editing software.
4. Applicants should be working towards BRONZE Level.


Not Applicable

This program will require the applicant work with the RCAP event organizing committee on the following:
1. Event media 3D design, such posters, certificates, banners etc.
2. Promotional video
3. Event video
4. Game video

During the duration of the project, RCAP Ambassadors are expected to work closely with relevant RCAP teams as Project Interns.

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