An Example of League Organization & 

Leagues are the  heartbeat of RoboCup; it is a platform that unifies us all and a catalyst for innovation within the multidisciplinary fields of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence.

As a RCAP Ambassador, you will play an active part in the running and future developments of the leagues that you are assigned to such as:
1. CoSpace
2. Soccer
3. Rescue
4. OnStage
5. @Home

RCAP Education Project

For Reference Only


Self-initated Project


Minimum of 4 weeks


1. Applicants should have participated in at least 2 RCAP events
2. Applicants should have completed relevant trainings
3. Applicants should be able to use Video-editing softwares
4. Applicants should be working towards SILVER Level


Not Applicable

Successful Applicants will go through relevant trainings and can choose to do some of the following:

1. Translate RCAP event promotion materials into their own languages

2. Translate RCAP Academy videos into their own languages (& promotion)

3. Publicize RCAP event in their region’s social media channels

4. Build up RCAP publicity channels in their own regions

5. Create your own classroom

Interested applicants are required to submit a project proposal which should follow the RCAP Ambassador Program Project Proposal Guideline. 

If applicants wish to work on the project as a team, please include all team members’ name and role in the project.

During the duration of the project, you will have access to an RCAP Ambassador Program Mentor who will provide guidance.

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