An Example of Event Organization & Support

Every single RoboCup event requires hardwork and dedication of our amazing team of volunteers and staffs.

As a RCAP Ambassador your service may be required in roles such as: 

1. An Organizer

2. A Referee 

3. An Emcee

4.A Member of the Registration Coordination & Support Team 

5. A Member of the Event Coordination & Support Team


RCAP Event Organization Project

For Reference Only


Self-initiated Project


Minimum of 4 weeks


1. Applicants should have participated in at least 2 RCAP events
2. Applicants should have strong leadership ability
3. Applicants should be working towards SILVER Level


Not Applicable

Successful applicants will take part in the organization of a RCAP endorsed competition in their own region. RCAP Ambassadors participating in this particular e-Internship are required to do the following:

1.Team Recruitment

2.Event planning and proposal drafting

3.Event publicity

4.Event sponsorship 

5.Running of competition

Interested applicants are required to submit a project proposal which should follow the RCAP Ambassador Program Project Proposal Guideline. 

If applicants wish to work on the project as a team, please include all team members’ name and role in the project.

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