An Example of Community Engagement & Outreach 

RoboCup is amazing because of the vibrant community that we have built in the past two decades.

RCAP Ambassadors will continue this amazing legacy by removing barriers of entry into the field of Robotics & AI through engaging and training participants from new schools, communities, and regions at the following levels:
1. School
2. inter-school
3. Regional
4. Super-regional
5. International

RCAP Community Engagement & Outreach Project

For Reference Only


Self-initiated Project


Minimum of 4 weeks


1. Applicants should have participated in at least 2 RCAP events
2. Applicants should have strong leadership ability
3. Applicants should have completed relevant trainings
4. Applicants should be working towards SILVER Level


Not Applicable

To ensure a successful run, RCAP Ambassadors should have a well-designed scope and structure. They should also prepare relevant supplementary materials such as:

1. Promotion materials

2. Teaching materials

RCAP Ambassadors should:

1. Engage students to take part in RCAP competitions (FS/Intro)

2. Conduct training workshops (both online and onsite)

3. Serve as RCAP Junior mentors to new members of the RCAP community

During the execution of this project, RCAP Ambassadors are allowed to us the following platforms to Conduct Outreach (Community Service):

1. RCAP CoSpace League

2. RoboCup Junior Soccer Intro League

3. RoboCup Junior Rescue Intro League

Interested applicants are required to submit a project proposal which should follow the RCAP Ambassador Program Project Proposal Guideline. 

If applicants wish to work on the project as a team, please include all team members’ name and role in the project.

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